Functions of NCVRT

 NCVRT operates through a network of all over India, having the Central Program office in New Delhi. The regional offices throughout India in West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu. The Institute aims to provide trainings and technical support to the Vocational Training Programme for realization of the national goal of fulfilling the requirements of skilled human resource for national development.

  • To advise and assist the Ministry of Human Resource Development, State Governments and Union Territory Administration in the implementation of the Pre-vocational, VocationalEducation and Work Experience Programme.
  • To promote, supervise and guide the establishment of a comprehensive management system for Vocational Training Programme (VTP) in the country.
  • To serve as a resource institution for both formal and non formal Vocational Education and Training
  • To orient and train various key functionaries of VTP including Principals and Teachers
  • To ensure uniformity and maintain quality standards in vocational training and learning.